Too Much Zucchini? No Problem! Corn Coming Out of Your “Ears”? Perfect! Let's COOK!

This time of year, all if the things that you planted are coming out the wazoo!  I know that after just so many tomatoes, beans, corn and zucchini my head begins to bobble like a small doll in trying to figure out what to do with these fresh from the vine ingredients.  I am here to show you that both zucchini and corn can be used in non traditional ways a breath some new life into your meals.

Our gardens have done wonderfully and the hens have started laying their first eggs!!!   YAY!!!   I will tell you, the first dozen eggs, are the most expensive eggs in history!!   While it was very enjoyable and I would not change it, raising the chics from day one adds a bit of cost to our first eggs.  I imagine that our first eggs cost us about $300 for the dozen.  Now lets do some math and see if they will pay off….  4 Chickens @ 250 eggs per year = 1,000 eggs per year, 2,500 eggs over their laying span.  That is 84 Dozen Eggs a year !!!  Now since we are raising our chickens organically free range that would be 84 dozen X $4.00/ dz = $336 in saved from not having to purchase the eggs at the store.  Now, our chickens should lay for about 2 1/2 years so by my math that is an $833 dollar return on $300 investment.  That would be a 277% return on investment.  When was the last time your IRA packed a punch like that!  My point is this, times are tough, plant something, grow something, anything!   Eat from your yard and you will not only save money but you will be in touch with the seasons and good ole mother nature.  Another plus, anywhere you have a garden is a place you do not have to mow!

Enough with the economic lesson and on to the food.   We share vegetables with our neighbors.  They give us what we don't grow and vice verse.  I think we have received more zucchini that I could ever imagine.  Roasted zucchini, stuffed zucchini, zucchini soup, zucchini bread, raw zucchini on salads, zucchini sticks for dipping in hummus…I think you get the point.  Our favorite way to prepare this abundant crop is to make gluten free pasta out of the wonderful and diverse vegetable.  Toss it in a little olive oil, some corn right from the cob and cashews, umm-hummm–you have a mighty fine “pasta” dish.    The fun does not stop there! I will show you how to cross utilize the corn and make a simple yet delectable sweet corn and potato cake (vegan and gluten free I might add).  The crisp delicious corn adds a nice refreshing pop to the normally bland and texture-less base to the ole benedict.   I will also show you the trick for poaching perfect eggs, every time!!  No more egg white explosions or shredded eggs, just beautiful clouds of poached perfection!

Recipe for Zucchini Pasta With Cashews Mint and Southwest Sweet Corn and Potato Benedicts

Shopping list for Zucchini Pasta With Cashews Mint and Southwest Sweet Corn and Potato Benedicts

Next time on S.D.C I will be making “No Knead” pizza dough and Zeppolis!  Something sweet to chase your favorite homemade Pizza pie!    If you have never had these beignet style desserts, you will definitely want to after seeing how easy they are!!!

If you like what you see, tell your friends!!  If there is something that you want to see, let me know!!  I'll cook for you!

Come. Watch. Eat. Enjoy!