The Seeds Of Success Are Being Planted

As the minutes pass I am growing more and more excited.  It is like it has been Christmas Eve for three weeks and I still have two more weeks to go.  On one hand, the day cannot come soon enough, but on the other hand, there is so much to do!

Planting onions. Perfect for cool weather French Onion Soup!

Coffee grinders, insurance, business cards, stickers, twitter, facebook, permits, permits and more permits.   I thought that we were almost done with the truck exterior when we painted  it green.  But then, we needed to decide on vinyl lettering or a mural.  You know us, we are going for a mural!  From commissary kitchen to carrot providers everything needs to be just right.  We have spent countless hours perusing green service ware online and going through samples when they arrived in the mail.  Progress is being made on all fronts and I am super excited about our new espresso machine that will grace our service window with her glorious Italian beauty.

Ahhhh Yesss-presso!











The cedar trim is in place around the menu boards and I dropped the truck off today for the first phases of mural artwork.  The artist for this project is none other than Jason Brake.  He is a phenom mural artist.  Don't believe me, check it out here.

These are a few ideas and glimpses of what is to come!



Nicole has been the greatest support through this crazy process and I cannot thank her enough!  Her is a shot of her standing in front of our newly assembled cold frame and bean trellis.

Soon our garden beds will overflow into the truck and the real fun will begin!!

Soft opening will be held on April 27, 2013. Click here for location!  I would like to give a special shout out to the folks at “Simply Home”.  These are great local business owners who have supported Simply Done Cuisine Catering from the beginning.   I want to especially thank Drue and Allen Ray (founders of Simply Home) and also Cameron Kempson for your continued support and all of your help in my new adventure start up business.

Thanks to you all!

Check back soon for more up dates and soon you can follow the Farm To Fender food truck on twitter @Farmtofender!

It is going to be a great ride!