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Garden to table in 30 minutes! Now that's fresh!

I love Spring!   The colors, the flavors, all of it!!   I remember saying while filming S.D.C. a couple of months ago how excited I would be to have real colors back!   Well it is here!  I have Chard that is so green it would make a Leprechaun green with envy (no pun intended).  Now we…

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December 16, 2012

Korean Stir-Fry and Buffalo Tofu Wings

This week I am featuring a wonderful pairing of recipes that combine a traditional favorite in a not so traditional way.  Buf-faux-lo buffalo wings.   Remember that if you are not to keen on the tofu or vegetarian ingredients, you can simply substitute meat in any of the dishes.  For this dish jsut cook up…

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December 9, 2012