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Iron Skillet Salmon With Sesame Broccoli and Creamy Seafood Pasta Bake

We are on the road this week to Winter Park FL.   traveling south to see the baptism of our wonderful new nephew Charlie! Photography courtesy of Kristen Perreault Photography    http://www.kristenperreault.com/ While in town for the long weekend we filmed a S.D.C  episode on location in the kitchen of the in-laws!!!  Tremendous fun.   We had a…

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December 16, 2012

Spring Thai Basil Rolls and Seared Salmon Cakes! FINALLY!

Thank you for your patience as this has been quite the week!  Not only has did I lose my voice preventing me from filming on time but then, I lost half my footage on shoot day.  I think that there are forces in the galaxy that do not want such wonderful food and recipes provided…

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January 15, 2012