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Garden to table in 30 minutes! Now that's fresh!

I love Spring!   The colors, the flavors, all of it!!   I remember saying while filming S.D.C. a couple of months ago how excited I would be to have real colors back!   Well it is here!  I have Chard that is so green it would make a Leprechaun green with envy (no pun intended).  Now we…

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December 16, 2012

Symphony Of The Mountains a Great Success

How could this event have not been a success?   With a recipe that included 5 gallons of heavy cream, 5 gallons of Vitamin D milk, 50 lbs of potatoes, 24 medicineid oz of Truffle oil and 3 cups of salt, (singing… these are a few of my favorite things, la la la la……la la la…

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January 26, 2012