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I need not Knead. Pizza Dough for the Mixerless and a Sweet Ending to Boot

Pizza dough oh pizza dough.  13 years ago I was the sole prep person for an Italian pizzaria in downtown Charleston, SC.  On an average day I would make 180lbs of pizza dough, a busy weekend, 270 lb a day and when we really got crankin' 450 lb of dough.  I am not sure if…

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December 23, 2012

60th Wedding Anniversary, A Real Treat

As you know my wife and I took off to Florida to cater a very special event.  We headed to Winter Park to cater the 60th wedding anniversary of her amazing grandparents, Jim and Margaret Vickers.  We flew down, with knives and kitchen supplies in tow, (checked baggage of course) and entered the land of…

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December 17, 2012