Simply Done Cuisine, Going Mobile!

Well I know it has been quite sometime since my “oh so eloquent” words have graced these pages but hey, I’ve been busy paying the bills and working on some really exciting new projects.

The big daddy moment I have been waiting for for almost 10 years has finally arrived.  Thanks to help from family, friends and loved ones we have purchased a food truck.   For almost 11 years now I have had the desire to take my food mobile, to have a larger audience, and most importantly be able to call it my own.   I, like most other chefs, wants his or her own restaurant.   We put together a business plan for a restaurant a few months ago and well, we never won the lottery so it didn’t happen.  I searched the web for a good deal on a used truck.  I was relentless, on my phone, my i-pad, any time we were in a new city I gently grazed the classifieds.    Time passed and the food truck business plan was looking more and more like a real possibility everyday.  Crunching the numbers, creating menus, costing menus, looking at permits and regulations, places to vend etc…  Then a friend pointed me in the direction of a great used truck just outside of Asheville..   My plan was near completion.  Now, knowing that I could make money at this crazy venture we decided to go look at the truck.   Except for the color I was in love at first sight.

Previously the “Pink Taco” food truck

This is a great truck, nearly fully equipped with all of the goodies that I need.  She is a 24′ Chevy 350 and runs like a top.   I do know people that love the color of this truck but it is really not for me.

I am lucky and blessed to have wonderful— I mean great, great, great super awesome wonderful friends that show relentless support and enthusiasm for this project.    We joined our forces 2 weekends ago and transformed this truck.   Many hands makes for light work!

Thanks to the Weller’s for allowing me to use their property for this project!

This truck took a bit of doing.   We sanded the whole truck with 60 grit paper, that was followed with a round of 220 grit to smooth things out.  Then it was onto the primer to make sure none of the pink was going to come back and haunt us!

Jeremy Reid making things happen from the top down! Thanks a million brother!!

Thanks to Brian Weller for making this time lapse video of all the hard work!!

After we had all of the pink hidden, the rust removed and previous drips sanded to a smooth finish and primed I was ready to GO GREEN!

The first coat of green went on late into the evening….

Nicole, gettin’ stuff DONE!!!!!

Finishing the first coat

The painting went great the first day!  Great company was there to make it happen!  A special thanks to all of our friends that made this possible, Matt K, Kelly, Brian and Ayla Jane Weller, Jeremy Reid, Kristi and David Shrum.  All of you all rock and I sincerely thank you for all of your help!!  Also, a very, very special shout out to my wife, Nicole. She puts up with my crazy, sometimes  over the top ideas(ok, always). She lets me dream, and she fosters my dreams as if they were her own. I love her more than words can say!   Thank you!




After adding the second coat of the next couple of days we ended up with a fantastic finished product!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaa!!!!

Soon to be finished with cedar framing around the chalk boards and then we will be ready for vinyl lettering!!

The outside is nearly finished.   For the inside, I am having some cooler equipment replaced and awaiting my espresso machine.   Soon we will be rollin green!!  Soon, oh so very soon this will be my office…

Nice and clean! (Holy guacamole, I am so excited!)

I will keep everyone updated on grand opening.  Tentative soft opening on Saturday, April 27th!!!! (pending permits)

I would like to thank everyone again, especially all of the family love and financial support, all my great friends and everyone who has helped make this happen.  Thank you so much!!  Now, time to get cooking!

Come. Eat. Enjoy.