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As opening day draws near many things still need to be accomplished (of course)!  Thank you for visiting S.D.C. and I hope you can find everything you need here.

Currently the new web page for our new venture, “Farm To Fender” is under construction.   So, for now all of the information will be posted to this site until we go live in a few weeks.

There have been many questions flying around regarding Farm to Fender so I thought I would include a FAQ sheet to assist you in any questions you may have.  If you are seeking further information please feel free to message me.

  • Does Farm to Fender cater  like Simply Done Cuisine?  Definitely so!  Catering is still available but is restricted to nights and weekends.   Events during regular business hours (M-F, 9-5) may be booked but I recommend booking at least one month in advance to ensure availability.
  • How do I contact Farm to Fender or Simply Done Cuisine? I can be reached via multiple methods.   Simplydonecuisine@gmail.com,  or    Farmtofender@gmail.com  or by phone at (828)-335-0875.  Please note that menu items and pricing are subject to change due to availability and freshness.
  •   Where can I find a menu for Farm to Fender?

  • Where can I find a menu for Simply Done Cuisine?  Events catered by Simply Done Cuisine are specific to your needs and wants.  Due to this, menus are created per client.  Because we cook with the seasons, specific pricing and availability of some products may change.
  • Are your serving materials environmentally friendly? Yes, everything we use at Farm To Fender and Simply Done Cuisine are environmentally friendly products.  We use tree free, 100% compostable materials.   From the plates and cups, spoons to napkins and everything in between it can all go right back to mother earth.  If an item is not compostable, we wash it and use it again.
  • Is your food organic?  Some of our menu is organic and some of it is not.  We strive to use products that are raised locally. When organic is available, we purchase it as long as the price point will not crush YOUR wallet.
  • Is your food local?  Over 90% of out menu is sourced from within 100 miles of Asheville.  Some items you just cannot get sourced locally.  When items are available locally, we purchase them.  (Please see the notes on the menu for the farmers that we currently are working with).
  • Are you meats free range and/or humanely treated?  We do everything in our power to source our meats from local providers who offer great care to their animals.  I am very proud to be serving chicken from Springer Mountain Farms.  A farm that in 2001, received the first ever (IN THE WORLD!!) humane certification from the American Humane Association.  Pork from Hickory Nut Gap Farms and our shrimp are wild caught NC shrimp.
  • Do you offer items for kids? Yes we do.  Kids are our future and we have fill their little tummies with healthy real food.  They change and rotate but you can always find something delicious and healthy for your little one.  Items you may see, Peanut butter and jelly on homemade bread with Jack's Nut Butter and Landris Farms Jam.
  • Do your sodas contain High Fructose Corn Syrup?  No, all of our sodas are 100% organic and are sweetened with 100% organic cane sugar.  NO HFCS here!
  • Where are you gong to be Set up Farm to Fender and How do I keep track of your current location? Farm to Fender will open its' doors for the first time at 960 Sweeten Creek Road in the “Designer Maids” parking lot.  Our scheduling goal is as follows:  Monday and Friday at Designer Maids, Tuesday and Thursday on Hendersonville Rd (In the 1100-1300 Address range) Awaiting permits and land owner permissions.  Wednesday should have us at “ETC“, and “ETC Too” on Patton Avenue.  Saturdays you can find us Patton Avenue Pets while you come in to treat you furry little critter to one of many special services Jenna offers.
  • Are there times that you are already booked and cannot take any more reservations?  That, fortunately for business is the case.  The dates that F2F and Simply Done Cuisine are “Sold Out” are as follows: June 8,9,15 and  20, as well as the  22-30, July 5,6,7, and 13-21 and August 7-11 and the 18th. Lastly October 13th.  As you can see we are booking up fast.  Please contact us as soon as possible with any future reservations to reserve you place!


I hope that this helps for all of our wonderful followers!!   Thank you everyone for your support and patience and we look forward to feeding you in the future!!

Come. Eat. Enjoy!


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  • Aletha Roper

    I enjoyed meeting you when you were here with Rebecca and Sam.
    If you could send me some business cards I would be happy to recommend Simply Done Cuisine to our event guests.
    I have a bride and groom looking to get married August 9th that asked me for suggestions for a reception in Upper Anderson. What would be the best way for me to have them contact you?
    Thank you, Aletha

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