Closer to the Dream

April 27th is quickly approaching.  Permits, paint and purveyors are all coming together in a way that makes me feel super blessed.  I have had some hiccups along the way for sure.   For a short time, learning all the permitting and regulations that go with the food truck became quite stressful.   My mind, as a chef went straight to all the food stuff, I was ready for health regulations, purchasing, pricing and menus.  Things like parking regulations for the truck in its' off hours, keeping the truck connected to power during those off times and city ordinances seemed to just keep my mind bogged down. Luckily, I conquered the process and made it out the other side unscathed and ready with more momentum than ever!

Leading into this last two week stretch before the soft opening all the blocks seem to be falling into place. Thursday afternoon I picked up the truck from the first round of paint by our artist Jason Brake.  I must say, this truck is looking FINE! After I picked up the truck, I got the the it inspected by the health department and now I am awaiting my final paperwork from the city for my business license.

Less than 60 hours from the moment I type this, I will legally be able to sell food in the city of Asheville from Farm To Fender!  This has significant meaning for me.  The food truck has been a dream for me since before there were food trucks on the east coast.  I remember in 2002, while still at Johnson and Wales University in Charleston, my buddies and I wanted to make a gourmet quesadilla truck.  Duck confit tacos and braised short rib quesadillas…good stuff!   It never happened, but the dream never died.

I remember coming through Asheville when I was 16 years old and having an intense desire to live here.  Through my crazy course of life events I have been led back here, via Charleston and New Zealand. My note pads full of notes and ideas lurk in almost every drawer. The thing that I find the most interesting is, through those years, everything had one common element: A restaurant in Asheville, with simple delicious local food and a color scheme of green, white, stainless, and tan.   Seem familiar?  Yea,I thought so! The funny thing is,  through this whole truck process I never really thought much of those note pads.  But the ideas found their way out, through me, through my subconscious thoughts. It was not until standing a looking at the truck after the first coats of green and white went on that I made the connection. Holy moly, this IS my restaurant in Asheville!!!  Sometimes, you get so caught up in the moment that you lose sight of what it took to get you there.  Chasing your dream, persistence and having people that believe in you is what makes dreams reality.  I am living breathing proof and I could not be more thankful for that!

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